Consulting Services

SunGard’s Consulting Services help you identify and implement best practice solutions to address your unique business challenges. These efficiently delivered solutions help you transform your business with targeted investments toward growth, optimized efficiency and predictable total cost of ownership (TCO), and well-managed risk and compliance around business operations.

Business Consulting

SunGard Consulting Services combines business and technical knowledge with advisory services and analysis capabilities to provide project coordination, governance and stakeholder management.

Technology Consulting

SunGard's technology consulting services include predictive and advance analytics and process automation to enhance quality and accelerate delivery of implementations and upgrades.

Our Expertise

Listen to the latest podcast about Polymer, the javascript library that provides syntactic sugar on top of web components, to learn about Google I/O and Polymer 1.0.
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Lance McAnelly

SunGard's energy business
Faced with reduced revenues and high fixed costs, crude oil exploration and production companies have been driven to slash budgets and drastically reduce drilling programs.

Colin Cooper

SunGard's energy business
In this webinar, speakers discuss the most common issues caused by end-user computing (EUC) error, approaches to EUC risk management, way forward to governance, control framework and polices and how to get started with an EUC health check.

Neil Palmer

SunGard's advanced technology business
SunGard successfully tested a CAT prototype solution that processes trade records into Google Cloud Bigtable, where the data is formatted, validated, linked, and then published to analytical stores to be queried by business intelligence (BI) tools an ...
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