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In a market that continues to polarize between active “alpha” and more passive “beta” investment strategies, advanced asset management software can help institutions of all sizes strengthen their asset management operations and rise to growing challenges. With fees under pressure and complexity escalating, investors are demanding ever higher levels of service and transparency, making robust asset management software all the more vital.

Asset management software challenges: cost, compliance and complexity

As the beta end of the market moves increasingly towards commoditized investment products, characterized by lower fees, asset managers are looking to asset management software to improve operational efficiency, achieve economy of scale and control running costs.

A heavier burden of regulation also threatens to drive up the cost of doing business. By providing a more transparent view of operations, asset management software can help meet regulatory requirements more efficiently and cost-effectively. At the same time, strong reporting capabilities will satisfy the demands of even the most active investors, giving them detailed insight into their portfolios.

All the while, investment strategies are becoming more sophisticated, resulting in for example more widespread use of derivatives for liability-driven mandates. With advanced software for investment management, asset managers are better equipped to handle even the most complex of these financial instruments.

SunGard’s range of asset management software solutions can help asset managers address the challenges of cost, compliance and complexity.

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Paul Compton

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