Compliance & Tax

The onslaught of regulatory change is bringing compliance to the forefront for every firm. Dodd-Frank, EMIR, Basel III, ESMA, the Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT) and trade surveillance – the list seems endless. With this deluge of regulations, it’s difficult to gain oversight of all compliance consequences. You have to manage disparate sets of data and processes and comply with regulations wherever you operate around the world. This means spending more and more time educating yourself about the latest proposals and rules and then making sure that systems and processes are updated to match the new requirements, often to very tight deadlines that are imposed by regulators. 

But while compliance is non-negotiable, it also diverts precious resources that could be better spent on improving responsiveness and driving business innovation. How can you stay up-to-date about the latest rules and ensure compliance in a cost-effective manner that lets you redirect budget towards investments for growth?

Many firms are moving towards simplified workflows and automated solutions that are integrated to maintain a comprehensive view of the business. At SunGard, we use our decades of experience to help reduce the resources needed to manage compliance. Through a combination of consultative expertise and flexible solution suites that can be easily modified as regulations change, we can help ensure compliance and lower your total cost of ownership while increasing operational efficiency and regulatory transparency.

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