Market Data

Market data is the lifeblood of the financial services industry. Trading, asset management, securities research and lending are among the many functions that require up-to-date, accurate market data.

For informed decisions, effective risk management and regulatory compliance, today’s financial institutions need continual access to high quality real-time and historical market data on a global scale. The end user is also demanding access to data via new technologies such as mobile. This is a challenge but also an opportunity to create a competitive advantage, whether that’s by providing institutional trading clients with mobile-friendly commentary and market insights or delivering account information, data, trading and research information over smartphones and tablets to high net worth investors.

SunGard offers a broad range of market data solutions and services, including global, real-time and historical market data solutions for the financial, energy and commodities markets; up-to-date securities lending and short selling data; and validated pricing, corporate actions and broker/counterparty price collection services. SunGard’s market data solutions are available via various delivery options, including software as a service (SaaS), managed services, mobile devices and the web, giving you the flexibility you need to meet your end users’ needs.

Find out more about the following solutions:

  • Astec Analytics – market information and benchmarking tools for securities borrowing and lending and short selling
  • Kiodex Global Market Data – a mark and validation tool for commodity portfolios
  • MarketMap – a range of advanced market data solutions

Find out more about the following services: