Executives across the securities financing spectrum need accurate market data to satisfy regulatory mandates, capitalize on opportunities and benchmark their performance.

SunGard’s award-winning Astec Analytics solutions deliver global intraday rate and volume information on securities lending transactions as well as analytics and benchmarking tools for trading, performance measurement and program management to international financial institutions involved in investment management and securities finance. Traders no longer have to make do with stale data. You can access intraday securities lending data online and leverage valuable analytical tools in your spreadsheets via a custom add-in or in data feeds that can be integrated into their own systems.

Astec Analytics's up-to-date data increases transparency in the market and helps you become smarter and trade more effectively.


Beneficial Owners & Asset Managers

SunGard's Astec Analytics suite of solutions helps beneficial owners and asset managers better understand the performance of their program and ensure that their funds are attaining their full potential

Broker-Dealers & Investment Banks

SunGard's Astec Analytics suite of solutions gives broker-dealers and investment banks a better understanding of securities lending market dynamics.

Hedge Funds

SunGard's Astec Analytics suite of solutions helps hedge funds monitor securities lending activities to support their long and short trading decisions.

Lending Agents

SunGard's Astec Analytics delivers valuable market information and benchmarking tools to financial institutions involved in securities borrowing and lending and short selling