Risk Management & Analytics

In the current volatile climate, risk management has moved to the top of the agenda at many financial institutions. In order to meet both regulatory and internal demands, you need accurate data as well as tools to analyze your risk and exposure throughout the trade life cycle and across the organization. Risk management also plays a central role in new models such as the central clearing of OTC derivatives. 

Yet while more chief risk officers are reporting to the CEO and firms are starting to develop a true culture of risk, they are challenged by internal silos and disparate risk platforms. This makes it difficult to create a truly holistic view of risk or manage risk effectively on an enterprise-wide basis.

SunGard’s solutions for risk management help you work across multiple asset classes, trading and clearing platforms to better understand your exposure, improve the visibility and understanding of risk across the enterprise, and comply with regulations globally. Our solutions provide pre- and post-trade risk management; integrated, enterprise-wide market, liquidity, credit and operational risk management; asset liability management; and trade surveillance. You can leverage SunGard’s deep expertise and strong track record in risk management to help you manage multiple types of risk while enhancing your profitability.

Banking Risk

An enterprise-wide approach to risk management is critical to the health of financial institutions of every size.

Energy & Commodities Risk

SunGard's solutions for energy and commodities risk help banks, brokers, corporate hedgers, hedge funds and FCMs mitigate and understand their risk.

Insurance Risk

SunGard's Insurance Risk Management solutions help insurers realize the fundamental benefits of an improved understanding and management of risk.

Investment Risk

Investment and risk go hand in hand, for all but the simplest investments expose you to a myriad of different financial risks.

Trading Risk

In today's volatile markets, having the right risk system is essential to running a sound and profitable business, preserving capital and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Our Expertise

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