Trading & Connectivity

Regulations are reshaping the trading landscape, from the shift of OTC derivatives towards electronic trading to MiFID II’s proposal for a consolidated ticker. At the same time, liquidity is fragmenting, and clients are demanding new ways to trade.

The largest sell-side firms, for example, still need to offer a broad, global network of exchange connectivity that includes emerging markets, as well as provide direct market access and services around different asset classes. But multiple systems with ad-hoc connections and complex workflows increase costs and hide risks.

To be competitive in today’s trading environment, you need to be first to new market opportunities and be able to cost-effectively execute trades across multiple platforms, instruments and geographies. Automation has become a critical tool, especially for order management and trading processes. Firms are also outsourcing certain functions to third parties and deploying the software as a service (SaaS) model.

SunGard’s solutions for trading and connectivity provide agile technology and reliable global connectivity across asset classes and exchanges worldwide. From trading algorithms, electronic execution and order routing to position management and pre-trade and post-trade risk and compliance, SunGard can help you make the most of every trading opportunity while controlling costs and supporting regulatory compliance.

Algorithmic Trading

Firms need a competitive agency-focused broker and algorithmic solutions that smartly navigate lit and dark markets to help them achieve the best price.

Connectivity & Network Services

The SunGard Global Network can help you address challenges in the market by adding value to both the buy-side and the sell-side with transaction and trade flow management, access to new markets, increased efficiency of data flows and lower barriers to selling new products.

Pricing Services & Data Validation

SunGard’s pricing services and data validation solutions help fund managers and administrators reduce risk, control costs, and meet regulatory and investor reporting requirements and service level agreements (SLAs).

Trading, Order & Position Management

SunGard offers a global suite of trading, treasury, position and risk management solutions for exchange-traded and OTC instruments that helps you enhance your workflow, create new trading opportunities and respond to new investor demands.