Always ready for what comes around the next bend, the adaptive enterprise is agile and free from constraints.

About SunGard

SunGard is where evolution meets finance to unleash your organization’s potential.

FinTech is re-emerging as a transformative category shaped by new capabilities, fresh challenges, and the increasing demands of stakeholders.


Where are you heading next?

Faced with pressures around growth, risk and compliance, costs, customer experience, data and the complexity of IT, where do you begin? What will you do next?

By taking away constraints – whether it is through automation, workflow, improved access to data or by offloading transactional or IT burdens – we give you the freedom to define how you do business next.


Stand firm and push forward.

The answer lies in the ability to continuously adapt while staying grounded in the solid core of proven experience.

That’s why SunGard is positioned at the very center of how finance and technology work today: We are the pivot point where a Silicon Valley approach meets finance to unleash your organization’s potential.


  • 2015 Chartis Risk Tech
  • 2014 Sell Side
  • FTF Apex
  • 2014 Global Capital
  • 2014 Wealth Adviser
  • TMI

Note: On March 31, 2014, Sungard Availability Services was split off from SunGard and became a separate, independent company. If you are looking for information on Sungard Availability Services, please visit