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How one company is using FIS’ Integrity to improve its treasury technology

How one company is using FIS’ Integrity TMS to gain sophistication through simplification over its treasury technology

How Derivatives Clearing Technology Innovation Tackles the Cost Challenge

FIS’ John Omahen discusses how to transform your derivatives cost structure in this FIA Infonet article.

Arming Insurers for Solvency II and Beyond

Learn how insurers can overcome the pressures of risk and capital modeling and extract greater business value from their actuarial and risk functions while meeting increasing regulatory and executive demands.

At the End of the Day: The Importance of Monitoring Risk Intraday in a Single View

Explore the need for intraday risk management when handling a customer’s trading and positions across multiple assets. 

Tackling Complexity and Change in Corporate Actions

Corporate action processing can be significantly improved with the application of digital technologies, however the capacity of many firms to instigate operational change is limited, so strong partnerships can make a considerable difference.

Securities Lending Technology: Worlds Ahead

SLT’s editor Drew Nichol’s interviews FIS’ David Selwood about how fintech service providers have evolved from one-man-bands into the innovation hubs we see today.

Brexit Scenarios for Market Risk 2016

Scenario analysis of Brexit indicates asset managers must pay close attention to the significant risks associated with the referendum, and should consider a variety of diversification and hedging strategies if their mandates permit them.

Reducing Enterprise Total Cost of Ownership

As managing energy trading, risk and operations systems and infrastructures can overburden your already strained resources, learn how FIS’ private cloud services can help your firm reduce TCO, scale to growth and optimize performance.

Hedge Fund Insights: How the Chemistry Between Managers and Investors is Shaping the Hedge Fund Universe

Four leading hedge fund managers reveal how hedge funds are adapting their business operations in response to changing investor dynamics

A Fair Exchange? Get More From ETFs With Efficient Operations

Make passively managed exchange traded funds (ETFs) worth your while with our article on the challenges of running ETF operations and advice on how to make them more efficient.