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Cleared Derivatives Solution: Trade Clearing Offering

Middle-office trade clearing is part of a major FIS initiative to create a new post-trade cleared derivatives solution that provides real-time middle- and back-office processing, life cycle and end-of-day/end-of-market events and brokerage capabilities, and supports listed and cleared over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives through a unified platform design.

A 2020 Vision of Fund Administration: Are You Ready?

View our presentation to find out what’s driving industry change for fund administrators and learn the best strategy for adapting to the latest pressures while increasing your competitive edge.

Boutique Asset Managers: Protect Your Business and Reputation Against Risk

Slideshow of boutique asset manager priorities, focusing on risk management, with technical challenges and solutions offered by FIS.

Managed Services for Post-trade Processing

FIS’ managed services offerings help derivatives and securities clearing firms reduce the complexity, risk and cost of their post-trade operations and improve their ability to compete and grow their business over the long term.

Managed Services for Post-Trade Derivatives

FIS’ managed services for post-trade derivatives let investment banks maintain control and focus on their core competencies without the high cost and strain of infrastructure, overhead and maintenance.

Adaptiv FRTB Solution

Learn why FIS’ Adaptiv team is your ideal partner for both regulatory compliance and internal risk management.

FIS’ Insurance Process Controller

FIS’ Insurance Process Controller is a system integration, process automation and composite application platform designed to meet the complex needs of health, life, and property/casualty insurers around the world.

Fox River Overview

FIS’ Fox River Execution Solutions (“Fox River”) provides competitive agency-only execution services that include award-winning algorithms, sponsored access and a sales trading desk. Fox River’s advanced technology helps reduce overall latency in reaching external venues, enabling customers to improve fill rates and execution price.

Fox River Sales Trading: Overview

Learn more about the services and benefits of FIS’ Fox River Sales Trading.

MarketMap Brochure

Overview brochure featuring FIS’ MarketMap solution suite.