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Two of a Kind: Advisors and Investors Crave Meaningful, Actionable Content

Our white paper explores the need for investors and advisors to connect via digital content.

B2B Payments and Bank Connectivity 2016 Study: Reducing Complexity and Fraud While Taking Control of Your Payments

FIS’ payments and bank connectivity market study found fraud to be top concern of treasury professionals around the world.

Will COP 21 Have an Impact on Energy Supply?

With COP 21 being a major step forward to reach global agreement on climate change, FIS invited three energy industry experts to answer questions on power generation, emissions and the overall impact of the agreement on the industry.

ebook: Top Five Benefits of Outsourcing B2B Payments Processing

Read our latest eBook and learn the top five benefits of electronic payments, from the impact on costs to reduction in risk and fraud and much more.

Moving the OMS Beyond Order Management

The role of the sell-side order management system (OMS) has moved beyond simply receiving and routing client orders, with today’s functionality having grown to encompass all facets of the trade lifecycle.

Traveling on the Same Path: The Convergence of AP and AR

Companies are increasingly merging their accounts payable and accounts receivable departments and turning to solutions for help.

Gain crucial knowledge on PRIIPs Requirements for (KIDs)

Complying with European rules on key information documents (KIDs) will be paramount for manufacturers and distributors of packaged retail and insurance-based investment products (PRIIPs). This paper explains how asset managers and insurers can convey information to consumers that is easily understood.

A Smarter Way Forward: De-risking and Optimizing Your Credit and Collections Processes

What are the five best practices for companies to improve their credit and collections policies?

Six-step Guide to Gaining Sophistication through Simplification

Six steps to using technology to simplify treasury operations

Natural Gas in 2016: Another Difficult Year?

How will supply, production, exports, prices and regional imbalances impact the U.S. natural gas market in 2016?