Asset management

In the wake of widespread pension reform and a renewed focus on saving, the asset management industry has experienced healthy growth in recent years. But regulation continues to increase operational costs, there is downward pressure on management fees, and mainstream assets are struggling to deliver the necessary returns. So it is more vital than ever to balance efficiency with finding new sources of alpha.

As you navigate both new asset classes and markets, SunGard’s asset management solutions and software can help you prepare for uncharted operational and regulatory challenges. In times of rapid evolution, we believe that technology has a major role to play in the future of asset management – not just by responding to challenges, but by actually leading the charge.

Get set for the next revolution in asset management software and solutions

In an industry that’s ripe for revolution, we have the asset management software, solutions, services and expertise to help you become a truly adaptive enterprise and stay ahead of the curve.

By breaking down barriers between traditional asset management, private equity and hedge fund technology and hosting our solutions in the cloud, we can increase your ability to turn data into insight, simplify complexity and operate with scale.

Together we can harness the power of technology to not only manage but also drive change – and constantly reach new heights. Are you ready?

Learn more about our asset management software and solutions for:

One-stop asset management system for boutiques

SunGard’s Asset Arena 360 solution is a one-stop asset management system for boutiques that provides a 360-degree view of investments and comprehensive support of the front- and middle-office value chain.

Fund Administration Systems

SunGard’s fund administration suite supports the entire fund accounting and administration life cycle and helps lower costs, improve efficiency and ensure compliance.

Hedge Fund Software

SunGard’s hedge fund software and services support operational stability by helping hedge funds streamline processes and meet investor and regulatory demands.

Private Equity Software

SunGard’s private equity software helps transform data into intelligence, enabling you to increase efficiency, enhance reporting, and improve performance.

Our Expertise

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FIS's asset management business
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FIS's asset management business
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