Reaping the rewards of risk integration

APT enhances investment strategy, improves investment decision making, delivers fully-automated risk reporting

As asset managers explore new ways to meet their investment objectives, they are increasingly viewing risk not only from a monitoring and compliance perspective, but also as a gateway to success. Making risk management an integral part of the overall investment process gives managers greater visibility into risk over a wider range of asset classes. It enhances investment strategy and improves the investment decision-making process, enabling managers to pursue more innovative, higher-yielding strategies with greater confidence.

Gain multi-asset class coverage

But good risk management doesn’t end there—to address problems stemming from ongoing siloed business activity, firms require integrated risk solutions that offer managers a top-down view of enterprise-wide risk, including timely and granular risk reporting. Managers also depend upon sophisticated tools such as “what-if” scenario analysis models, which weigh the impact of changing market conditions and unforeseen macro circumstances on the investment portfolio, using an increasingly extensive backlog of historical scenarios and covering an array of asset classes ranging from equities, fixed-income and commodities as well as key interest-rate and volatility indices.

APT offers complementary risk management solutions for buy-side firms:

  • APT Enterprise for risk visualization across the firm and for automated reporting at high volumes, available as a managed service that includes data management
  • The APT Desktop Suite including APT Pro, for highly interactive risk analysis, pre-trade analytics, and for portfolio construction including optimization

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