Hedge Fund Software

As hedge funds attract higher proportions of assets from institutional investors, hedge fund software can help them achieve the institutional credibility they need to maintain profitability and support ongoing growth. With compliance requirements also continuing to evolve, a robust technological infrastructure is becoming more integral to firms’ day-to-day investment activities and for an operating model that stands up to scrutiny from investors and regulators alike. This, in turn, will help them win new mandates, control risk and manage complex investment strategies that often use OTC derivatives.

Hedge fund software challenges

For the operational stability they need in today’s investment climate, hedge funds are looking increasingly to integrate their portfolio management software and hedge fund accounting systems and streamline their processes and workflows. This will help them not only operate more efficiently but also meet the increased demands of investors and regulators for transparency and rapid, timely reporting.

Today, hedge funds must manage a growing range of regulatory requirements, from the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) in Europe to Form PF of the Dodd-Frank Act in the U.S. Hedge fund software enables them to both report to external regulators and comply with the hedge fund industry’s own codes of practice for risk reporting: the Open Protocol Enabling Risk Aggregation (OPERA) standards.

But to maximize their investment in technology, hedge funds also need ways to manage it more effectively, freeing up time to concentrate on their core competencies in investment management.

SunGard’s hedge fund software solutions

SunGard’s Hedge360 solution is an integrated delivery platform that supports the full investment life cycle for hedge funds and alternative asset management firms. It can be customized to include any combination of our proven hedge fund software solutions for the front, middle and back office. Hedge360 is available on an installed or hosted basis and as a fully hosted technology solution with managed services for middle- and back-office processing.

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