Hedge360 – Integrated Hedge Fund Software

To achieve the institutional credibility they need to attract investment, maintain profitability and support growth, today’s hedge funds are looking to integrated hedge fund software as the means to ensure operational stability across their entire investment life cycle. SunGard’s Hedge360 solution can meet their needs as an integrated delivery platform for a whole range of front-, middle- and back-office processes.

Hedge360 helps hedge funds and alternative asset management firms achieve institutional credibility by enabling them to increase operational efficiency, better manage risk and regulatory compliance, and support scalability. The platform can be customized to include SunGard's proven hedge fund software solutions for portfolio management, accounting and reporting, partnership and investor accounting, market risk management, risk reporting, convertible arbitrage, independent valuation, collateral management and reconciliation – in any combination.

The Hedge360 platform can be delivered on an installed or hosted basis and, for a truly turn-key solution, as a fully hosted hedge fund software solution with managed services for middle- and back-office processing. Through this combination of technology and services, it is a complete platform for hedge fund operations available from a single source.


Front Arena Hedge Fund Software for Portfolio & Risk Management

SunGard’s Front Arena portfolio management system provides hedge funds with a powerful, real-time, enterprise-wide platform for portfolio and risk management across all asset classes and strategies.

VPM Hedge Fund Software for Portfolio Accounting & Reporting

SunGard’s VPM portfolio accounting and reporting software provides a real-time, multi-currency portfolio accounting and position management solution to support the most complex hedge fund strategies.

Partnership and Investor Accounting

Hedge360 includes a robust, flexible accounting and reporting solution to track investor contributions and redemptions, calculate investor fees, record and allocate gains, and produce account statements.

Market Risk Management

Hedge360 enables flexible risk reporting, portfolio construction and rebalancing via optimization, and improving understanding of the dynamics of risk, asset allocation, performance analysis and risk decomposition across asset classes.

Risk Reporting

Hedge360 offers a cost-effective, fully hosted and managed service that ensures an independently validated, complete view of risk and delivers the data and analytics required for robust, reliable risk reporting.

Convertible Analysis, Pricing and Modeling

SunGard’s Hedge360 provides sophisticated analysis and modeling capabilities, supported by high-quality, accurate terms and conditions and market data on the investable universe of convertibles.

Fastval – Hedge Fund Software for Independent Valuation

SunGard’s FastVal is a suite of independent valuation services for derivatives, pricing individual holdings and entire portfolios that provides transparent, accurate valuations across a wide range of asset classes.

Hedge Fund Software for Reconciliation and Exception Management

Hedge360 provides comprehensive reconciliation and exception management services to support automated cash, position, trade, net asset value and margin reconciliation, as well as price and security master validation.