APT – Market Risk Management Solution

The financial crisis underscored the importance of effective risk management for buy-side firms such as asset managers, hedge funds, insurance firms, pension plans, private banks and wealth managers. Yet one of the lessons learned from the failures of risk management is that risk information needs to be incorporated into investment decisions for the management of these risks to be effective. SunGard's APT solution helps your business effectively monitor and manage its investment risks while maximizing portfolio-level returns.

APT’s risk tools provide asset managers with:

  • Multi-asset class coverage
  • Flexible ways of integrating risk into investment processes
  • Robust risk methodology

APT’s risk tools help asset managers to:

  • Report risk information to management, clients and regulators
  • Understand risk across all asset classes
  • Measure and monitor risks associated with any market position or portfolio
  • Model and attribute portfolio risks to make better management, trading and hedging decisions
  • Aggregate risk across the enterprise to identify the systematic factors which have the greatest impact
  • Construct portfolios based upon the risk profiles of a pre-trade what-if analysis
  • Optimize your portfolios using quantitative analysis of the model universe, such as a set risk/return efficiency (i.e., alpha profile)

APT offers different market risk management solutions for buy-side firms:

  • APT Enterprise for batched-based risk reporting at high volumes
  • APT Pro for desktop-based interactive risk analysis and portfolio construction
  • APT xVaR for interactive risk analysis in Microsoft Excel
  • EasyAPT for quick, templated-reporting in Microsoft Excel
  • APIs for programmatically integrating risk into your own systems and workflows
  • Interaction through third-party offerings like SimCorp, FactSet and SunGard's trading and investment solutions