Investran Private Equity Enterprise Software

In today’s highly competitive market, private equity firms must not only deliver superior returns, but also meet the more stringent reporting and due diligence demands of investors and regulators. Their overarching challenge is one of data management, making investment in information systems and automated data processes a prerequisite for operational efficiency, compliance and competitive advantage. SunGard’s Investran private equity software suite can help firms transform disparate data into valuable, intelligent information and, as a result, manage their businesses more effectively.

Investran is an integrated private equity software suite that automates front-, middle- and back-office processes for private equity firms, including general partners, limited partners, service providers, fund of funds and family offices. Covering the entire investment life cycle, Investran offers accounting, relationship management and partnership accounting functionality.

To satisfy data-hungry investors and regulators, Investran helps transform data into intelligence, enabling firms to increase operational efficiency, enhance reporting and improve performance. Available as separate components or a fully integrated suite, the solution can be installed on-site or hosted by SunGard on a software as a service basis.


Investran data exchange private equity software

SunGard’s Investran Data Exchange is a web-based, portal for providing on-demand, interactive reporting and document access.

Investran Insight

SunGard’s Investran Insight is a complete end-to-end platform for interactive private equity reporting, advanced analytics and data visualization.