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200 Energy Companies Rely on SunGard's Aligne for Energy Trading, Risk & Operations

Energy markets are becoming more competitive every day... emerging economies demand an ever greater share of limited fossils fuels... environmental concerns place increased constraints on production... regulators demand more transparency, more accountability and more open markets. Technology is a competitive differentiation.

Streamlining operations, getting a timely view of the consolidated risks, and having ready access to the information for good decision-making is vital. To help address these challenges, SunGard offers a comprehensive Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) platform that is highly configurable, flexible and componentized.

Aligne integrates trading, risk and control, credit, asset optimization, fuels management, power operations, gas operations, emissions compliance, back office, and treasury and finance into a single platform with sophisticated data analytics.

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Markus Seiser

SunGard's energy business
In the third part of this mini blog series about European gas markets beyond 2015, we analyze political and structural obstacles for securing LNG supply in Europe.
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HTML5-based ETRM applications can help traders capture trades faster and more accurately, gain improved market insights and faster notifications of position changes, and identify potential trading exceptions or issues more easily.

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