Today, insurers around the world face a common challenge – to grow the business while remaining profitable. Uncertain economic conditions, regulatory pressures, operational inefficiencies, and the need for improved transparency and risk management only add to the complexity of this task. To help drive the business forward, an insurer needs the right technology solutions supported by the right team of experts.

At SunGard, we understand the broad spectrum of issues affecting the entire insurance ecosystem. SunGard’s iWorks suite of insurance solutions and services help insurers around the world navigate through change and complexity to operate more efficiently and effectively.

For over 30 years, SunGard has developed the expertise, processes and dedicated resources to help insurers deliver products to market faster, support regulatory changes, reduce costs and increase efficiencies. Navigate change and grow your business with SunGard.

Our Expertise

Roy Massie

FIS's insurance business
“Buy American” used to be a patriotic slogan that slowly faded into memory. But times have changed. Now, buying American is more than waving the flag; many businesses are reconsidering the benefits of staying stateside. Based on some recent convers...
Blog Post

David Zdechlik

FIS's insurance business
The insurance industry has been discussing “convergence” for seemingly forever. Back in 2002, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) agreed to develop a single set of accounting standar...
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John E. Vercellino

FIS's iWorks Financials Insurance solutions
SunGard’s John Vercellino talks about the key challenges faced by the insurance industry.

John Winter

FIS's insurance business
View this FIS expert slideshow for guidance on navigating the new world of risk and compliance in the capital markets and insurance sectors.