There has never been a greater demand for market data or so many ways to receive and manage it, whether via computer or handheld device. The new generation of market data needs to be more accurate, accessible and affordable than ever.

Since the global financial crisis, increased regulation, and a greater understanding of systemic risk have combined to create a stronger demand for high-quality market data. For accurate risk modelling, this data must not only be verified and accurate but also go back further in time and be stored and accessible for longer periods.

Today, many firms use a single source for their market data rather than managing feeds from multiple providers. In order to reduce costs, they also need the flexibility to scale their systems up and down with ease and load or change data streams when required. Firms also want more control over how they consume data, whether by configuring their own user interfaces, integrating their own applications, adding and removing components, or using tools to provide dynamic interactive reports.

Additionally, market data customers are looking for low bandwidth solutions that quickly load on both desktop and mobile devices while placing minimal demands on infrastructure. Externally hosted software, combined with secure, reliable and user-friendly interfaces, give customers the agility they need to respond more quickly to new opportunities. 


MarketMap Analytic Platform

SunGard’s MarketMap Analytic Platform is a vector-based analytical database management system that accepts multiple inputs of data in any format, stores and normalizes it, and delivers it back to business users in a way that is easy to understand and actionable.

MarketMap Components

MarketMap Components provides a set of tools for quickly and easily integrating and displaying market data via MarketMap Feed and MarketMap Analytical Platform into any website or web-based application.

MarketMap Energy

SunGard's MarketMap Energy solution offers quality-checked, fully-managed data feeds, decision support applications and an enterprise data management system to help you perform trading and risk management activities.

MarketMap Feed

MarketMap Feed solution helps firms meet business needs while improving efficiencies and reducing costs with a comprehensive, fast and reliable global feed of market data.

Marketmap Terminal

SunGard's MarketMap solution provides flexible, cost-effective access to high quality, global market data including real-time price information, news and analysis from more than 160 global exchanges and OTC data sources.