With capital markets becoming more multi-faceted and diversified and the number of new exchanges and contracts traded around the world rapidly rising, financial institutions need to be able to process any asset in any currency anywhere in the world, handle growing volumes and increasing costs, and adjust to new operational models. Yet many post-trade processes remain manual and piecemeal, even as regulations create new mandates and requirements.

SunGard's Stream is a suite of global post-trade solutions that helps financial services firms in the securities and derivatives markets efficiently manage their middle- and back-office processes and workflow. Stream’s scalable solutions help automate interfacing with exchanges and clearing houses as well as matching, settling and booking trades, helping to improve straight-through processing (STP) across the enterprise. Stream helps firms around the world increase transparency and reduce operational complexity, risk and cost.


Stream Derivatives

SunGard’s Stream Derivatives solution suite helps financial services firms automate their middle- and back-office operations for derivatives, increase efficiency and support straight-through processing (STP).

Stream Securities

SunGard's Stream Securities solution suite helps financial services firms manage their middle- and back-office securities operations in an efficient and scalable manner, reduce errors and onboard new clients more easily.

Stream Central

SunGard's Stream Central suite of solutions helps you gain control over data, manage credit, trade fails and intraday margin and support internal and regulatory reporting.