The complexity and volume of corporate actions events have increased dramatically in recent years, resulting in operational inefficiencies due to complex manual processes, and greater exposure to operational, cost and reputational risks.

SunGard’s XSP provides a complete end-to-end solution suite that automates the corporate actions process, from cleansing and standardizing data and providing firms a global, “golden copy” to downstream notification as well as the automation of response capture. These solutions help reduce total cost of ownership, minimize risk and create straight-through processing (STP) for the back office.

XSP combines intelligent software with enterprise-grade, multi-tenant secure architecture. Highly scalable and volume insensitive, with a flexible and modular approach, XSP can also help you reduce infrastructure maintenance and cost. You can deploy XSP locally, access it through the cloud or choose a software as a service (SaaS) environment via XSPrisa.

2015 SWIFT Certified Application Label for Corporate Actions


In 2015, SunGard’s XSP solution earned the SWIFT Certified Application Label for the 11th consecutive year. The SWIFT Certified Application label is granted to business applications that adhere to a specific set of criteria linked to the support of SWIFT FIN messages, SWIFT connectivity and SWIFT functionality.


XSP v5 Corporate Actions Platform

SunGard’s XSP v5 platform combines advanced technology with feature-rich functionality to help manage each and every critical step in the corporate actions life cycle.


SunGard's XSPrisa is a SaaS offering that gives you instant access to the XSP v5 corporate actions solution via the cloud, without the need for in-house technology.

Corporate Actions BPaaS (Business Process as a Service)

SunGard’s Corporate Actions BPaaS is a system-agnostic service that collects, cleanses and standardizes data to provide firms with a global, central repository of “golden copy” corporate actions data, helping firms reduce exposure risk and total cost of ownership. A critical step in the process, this solution integrates seamlessly with downstream systems such as XSPrisa and XSP v5 to automate the complete corporate actions life cycle.

XSPosure Risk Dashboard

XSPosure is a cloud-based risk dashboard which provides an intuitive, dynamic and visual representation of a firm’s corporate actions risk exposure.

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