News Brief: Sparinvest Selects SunGard’s XSPrisa for Corporate Actions Automation

Tuesday, September 23, 2014 New York

Sparinvest, a Denmark-based international asset manager, has selected SunGard’s XSPrisa to automate its global corporate actions processing. The solution will help Sparinvest eliminate the traditional manual processing and risk associated with corporate actions.

SunGard’s XSPrisa allows firms to access corporate actions processing functionality in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) environment for rapid deployment without the burden of infrastructure costs and operations. The implementation of XSPrisa will help Sparinvest mitigate operational risk, as well as increase client service levels and scalability to efficiently process the growing volume and complexity of events. 

“Celent has witnessed a secular trend of increasing comfort with cloud-based deployment. For many firms, moving towards a SaaS environment with lower entry costs helps with adoption of corporate actions tools. A SaaS environment enables upgrades to occur ‘behind the scenes,’ making it more likely that firms will be running more up to date software.”– David Easthope, senior vice president, Celent

“We have seen that corporate actions automation continues to be a key priority for financial institutions of all types and sizes. Firms such as Sparinvest look to SunGard to help them achieve more in their efforts to manage a growing business while reducing the risks and costs associated with global corporate actions processing.” – Brendan P. Farrell, Jr., executive vice president and general manager, XSP, SunGard

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