Ambit Treasury Management

The core objectives of the treasurer are to manage the assets and liabilities of the bank, ensure access to sufficient funding and liquidity, and maximize returns, while ensuring the solvency of the organization. Improved transparency, risk management and compliance with real-time risk and regulatory reporting provides a complete and accurate view of risk exposure and allows the bank to respond to market conditions quickly with sophisticated strategies that involve multiple asset classes.

SunGard’s Ambit Treasury Management solution has been designed to support all treasury requirements by integrating trading, position management and risk assessment of multiple asset classes into one system. The solution’s integrated straight-through processing (STP) platform helps banks achieve both a high level of automation and a lower cost per transaction. It provides a common operating model and architecture across treasury operations to help banks stay ahead of market developments and manage volatility, instrument complexity, and financial innovation. It also helps banks ensure regulatory compliance by implementing sound market practices across the treasury organization.

Banks require a system that can easily consolidate the needs of traders, sales teams, compliance officers and managers into one system. Ambit Treasury Management delivers consistent and accurate data, removes the need for multiple systems and minimizes administrative costs and overhead.

Ambit Treasury Management:

  • Enhances productivity by automating transaction flows with a central hub architecture, increasing  the level of automation and lowering the cost per transaction through a single solution
  • Delivers flexibility across asset classes with extensive  instrument coverage, including foreign exchange, money markets, capital Markets, interest rates, equity, commodity and structured derivatives
  • Enables faster and better decision making with real-time visibility into risk
  • Improves  risk management with a complete and accurate view of risk exposure, including credit, market and operational exposure
  • Helps to reduce operational risk with consolidated risk and position management tools
  • Helps to reduce costs by outsourcing both the application and hardware support

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