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How Comprehensive is Your Firm’s Approach to Risk and Compliance?

How firms are moving towards an enterprise-wide approach to unify their views of risk and prioritize the interconnectedness of risk and regulation.

FIS and Waters Technology Report Developing a Unified View of Risk: Bridging the Risk Divide Between the Front and Middle Office

The investment industry is in the process of developing a new approach to risk management, but what will it take to make a full transition? A survey conducted by FIS and WatersTechnology in early 2016 polled investment and risk management professionals from organizations in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Asia-Pacific (APAC) regions about the challenges currently faced in these markets. Respondents discussed the current state of their organizations’ risk management systems, future plans for change and the drivers behind these plans, as well as any areas of need in relation to how systems are currently structured.

Hedgeweek special report: The ascent of liquid alternatives

Read the Hedgeweek special report: Hedge funds and derivatives risk 2015 to glean insights on how to make risk management more strategic, regulation and the impact on derivatives risk, and the AIFMD and the mutation of risk management.

Investment risk management for pension funds

Create a robust risk-controlled fund allocation to meet the uncertainties facing the liquid securities markets

Achieve institutional credibility with FastVal independent valuations

The rise of institutional investment in hedge funds has made it critical for fund managers to demonstrate robust, credible, institutional standards of technology infrastructure and business processes.

Sifting meaning from the mix: managing risk data from different sources

Read the latest white paper from SunGard’s John Winter for a transparent and holistic approach to risk management for a safer, more profitable business.

Liquidity risk is still a threat as investment managers chase yield

Liquidity risk is the second highest concern for asset managers after market risk, making liquidity risk management a priority.

Drive growth through focus

This year has seen hedge funds continue their focus on growth but are faced with increased competition for investors. This means managers are taking a wide range of paths to growth.

Strategic risk management improves investment decision making

Welcome to our summer newsletter, dedicated to bringing you the latest news, views and research invite investment risk.

Viewpoint: Liquidity Risk is Still a Threat as Investment Manager’s Chase Yield

When SunGard surveyed our asset management clients recently, liquidity risk came second only to market risk as their main concern.