As a wealth manager, your main focus is on acquiring, servicing and growing your client relationships. However, time-intensive processes often limit your availability. SunGard’s WealthStation solution helps provide you with the tools you need to attract and grow assets without sacrificing the support needs of your clients.

Delivered through a web-based interface, WealthStation provides a modular, flexible front-office platform. It offers tools for client management, financial planning, investment management, asset allocation, data aggregation, trading and rebalancing, reporting, client access and compliance. Whether deployed to support one function or process or as a complete end-to-end solution, SunGard’s WealthStation can help you enhance performance and provide superior client service.

Used by banks, trust companies, brokerage firms, insurance companies and independent wealth management firms, WealthStation provides integrated tools and services to help you and your clients achieve success. WealthStation:

  • Provides a holistic, client-centric view, including held-away upload features
  • Aggregates holdings and real assets
  • Enables third-party, middle- and back-office integration
  • Supports real-time collaboration between you and your clients

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What we offer

  • WealthStation for Independent Advisors & Wealth Managers

    SunGard’s WealthStation solution for independent advisors and wealth managers integrates financial planning and asset allocation into a single, complete planning system for today’s financial professionals. 

    Available through WealthStation on Demand, a software as a service (SaaS) delivery model, this solution provides the web-based tools to meet the needs of independent advisors without the resources, time constraints, and infrastructure cost of large-scale implementations.


    • Provides comprehensive and modular financial planning and asset allocation tools combined with calculation engines and interactive, educational presentations
    • Offers more than 70 financial planning modules, including SunGard’s asset allocation software 
    • Supports comprehensive and goal-based planning
    • Includes administrative capabilities to control roles, manage permissioning and customize certain aspects of the system
    • Handles automatic upgrades in a secure environment with full disaster recovery backup
    • Is available in different packages to serve the needs and experience level of any financial advisor


    • Leverages the SaaS model to help simplify implementation, accelerate time to market, and gain ongoing processing and cost efficiencies with minimal IT support
    • Saves time and streamlines processes by eliminating the need to log into multiple systems or perform unnecessary manual tasks for importing and exporting account data
    • Features a financial planning tool that handles everything from the most basic financial goals to comprehensive cash flow planning
    • Provides benefits previously only available to large institutional firms
    • Helps reduce the need for external technical support and customization and offers a high degree of flexibility

  • WealthStation Asset Allocation

    Developing investment strategies that match client risk levels is critical to portfolio success and firm growth. SunGard's WealthStation Asset Allocation module uses client responses to a risk questionnaire and company-defined scoring of risk tolerance as critical data for tools that identify, analyze and propose customized asset allocations. You can navigate algorithms, generate forecasts and run simulation models for target portfolios using tax-efficient optimization and company- or advisor-defined portfolios.


    • Compares and considers the composite of qualified and non-qualified assets for current and proposed asset mixes
    • Analyzes cash flow sensitivity on alternative what-if scenarios
    • Delivers risk management tools and a concentrated holdings display with a liquidation schedule
    • Allows customizable capital market assumptions (asset classes and correlations), benchmarks, risk tolerance questionnaires, model portfolios, investment policy statements and compliance text
    • Performs required rebalancing and implements investment product choices
    • Includes Monte Carlo simulation and mean variance optimization


    • Determines the best portfolio, considering current allocations, asset mixes, financial goals and resources, and evaluated alternatives
    • Minimizes tax liability and creates tax-efficient portfolios by factoring taxable and tax-deferred investments
    • Reflects your vision for client management with customizable tools
    • Presents you with actionable data to optimize your value to clients
    • Combines with other WealthStation tools for a powerful integrated solution

  • WealthStation Client Access

    SunGard's WealthStation Client Access module facilitates information sharing with clients to help you deliver ongoing service excellence and help your prospects learn more about your services. Its trading, asset allocation and financial planning modules use your clients’ integrated data, allowing them to test their own scenarios and collaborate with you on their investments. You set access levels and permissions for each client, and system-tracking tools allow you to see who used the system. In addition, performing comparisons help you gain new perspectives on your clients.


    • Lets clients and prospects sign on through your website
    • Allows you to see client activity and perform comparisons of scenarios and data
    • Gives clients access to your same WealthStation tools and capabilities
    • Allows clients to view account statements, proposals and more online
    • Trade stocks, options, mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs)
    • Access real-time quotes and market data
    • View balances, positions, account history, tax lots and executions in real time


    • Helps facilitate communication and collaboration through the sharing and comparing of analysis scenarios
    • Helps foster understanding and open conversations regarding accounts
    • Adds another checkpoint for ensuring data accuracy 
    • Gives clients online access to their account information and proposals
    • Provides another avenue to reinforce your brand

  • WealthStation Client Management

    WealthStation Client Management places the client at the heart of your processes. It is an extension of client profiling that allows the data captured on each client to be broader than ever before. Beyond client name, address and other basic contact information, you can assemble information on dependents, beneficiaries and other types of household relationships. WealthStation’s householding ability links accounts, clients and relationships for you. For example, client assets, including held-away, tie directly to the client record, so you can easily establish account relationships. Its distinctive householding capabilities make WealthStation “ambicentric” – it offers support of workflows for either single or multiple account views across households and clients – helping you to be better informed, more responsive and more productive.


    • Lets you view, sort and report on your entire list of clients
    • Drills down into individual client’s accounts and portfolios
    • Offers alerts by client, account or holding
    • Allows you to set up relationships and householding information by client or account
    • Provides easy access to client contact information through tab snapshots or search functions
    • Helps you establish client-specific Investment Policy Statements and other custom parameters and guidance to help assure you meet client needs and expectations


    • Combines client profiling and data with tools to help simplify and streamline day-to-day activities
    • Offers comprehensive, versatile handling and presentation of client information to help fulfill your need for clarity and increase your focus on your clients and their needs
    • Helps you deliver ongoing service excellence by taking a client from an initial profiling interview all the way through to the account opening process and beyond
    • Helps you be more productive
    • Can grow as the business grows
    • Integrates your data and makes it available across WealthStation’s full spectrum of tools and capabilities
    • Helps minimize duplication and data errors by making it easy to feed data to back-office systems
    • Supports open collaboration and teamwork by letting other advisors access your client information

  • WealthStation Financial Planning

    Whether you are creating proposals, reallocating client assets or investments, performing modeling, creating what-if scenarios or analyzing breakdowns of current financial states, the financial planning tools in SunGard's WealthStation solution help make your job easier. The WealthStation Financial Planning module integrates financial planning and asset allocation capabilities into a single system that shares a common database. WealthStation Financial Planning allows you to choose your planning approach through quick reports or comprehensive, multi-issue presentations.


    • Delivers web-based, collaborative planning functions via an intuitive interface
    • Includes full data integration and sharing between WealthStation modules, from asset allocation to portfolio construction
    • Provides custom to in-depth profiling and graphical reports of client input with automated product recommendations
    • Supports planning modules and financial concepts for modular and comprehensive planning
    • Customizes simple, easy-to-read reports for clients
    • Offers configurable access of tools to advisors and consumers


    • Creates consistent, compliant, suitable and ranked recommendations instead of one size fits all recommendations
    • Helps mitigate risk through sharing integrated data across applications
    • Grows with your business via a scalable platform
    • Facilitates real-time collaboration between advisors and their clients

  • WealthStation Investment Management

    SunGard's WealthStation Investment Management module combines client profiling, asset allocation, investment selection, proposal generation, portfolio comparison, trading and rebalancing tools. WealthStation Investment Management integrates many of the features of WealthStation’s planning, allocation, and trading products to provide you with a robust, integrated process for profiling, allocation, proposal and rebalancing. By bringing these capabilities into a single platform and integrating your clients’ data, key information and tools become truly interconnected.


    • Spans client profiling to trading and rebalancing processes
    • Delivers single-platform, web access to multiple investment programs
    • Provides access to proprietary and third-party solutions, including overlay management programs
    • Includes full data integration and sharing between WealthStation modules
    • Provides the key prospecting and servicing tools needed to gather assets


    • Dynamically supports day-to-day activities
    • Facilitates client discussions and makes it easier to gather assets 
    • Helps mitigate risk by sharing integrated data across applications
    • Grows with your business via a scalable platform
    • Facilitates real-time collaboration between advisors and their clients

  • WealthStation Trading & Rebalancing

    SunGard's WealthStation Trading and Rebalancing module links you to your brokerage or bank back office for connectivity to all major service bureaus that perform trading of stocks and funds. Its capabilities help you produce real-time buy or sell trade requests through a scheduled rebalancing process. In both cases, the portfolio can be realigned against a model as it drifts beyond established tolerance levels, generating trade alerts as appropriate. WealthStation Trading and Rebalancing can be deployed independently or as part of an integrated wealth management processing solution.


    • Provides secure, real-time connections to back offices
    • Supports automatic rebalancing operation to an established investment policy statement or user-defined model
    • Facilitates order checking and the establishment of compliance rules
    • Ensures that parameters, models or policies are met
    • Integrates overlay management automatically in rebalancing
    • Automatically initiates trades according to a schedule or predefined rules


    • Eliminates the delays caused by reconciling and manually rebalancing portfolios
    • Simplifies trading and rebalancing and mitigates risk by securing information in one system
    • Reduces data input effort and time by using key data already established in WealthStation
    • Helps advisors go beyond proposal and planning into execution and follow-up
    • Helps enhance the advisor/client relationship by providing more comprehensive service