WealthStation Asset Allocation

Developing investment strategies that match client risk levels is critical to portfolio success and firm growth. SunGard's WealthStation Asset Allocation module uses client responses to a risk questionnaire and company-defined scoring of risk tolerance as critical data for tools that identify, analyze and propose customized asset allocations. You can navigate algorithms, generate forecasts and run simulation models for target portfolios using tax-efficient optimization and company- or advisor-defined portfolios.


  • Compares and considers the composite of qualified and non-qualified assets for current and proposed asset mixes
  • Analyzes cash flow sensitivity on alternative what-if scenarios
  • Delivers risk management tools and a concentrated holdings display with a liquidation schedule
  • Allows customizable capital market assumptions (asset classes and correlations), benchmarks, risk tolerance questionnaires, model portfolios, investment policy statements and compliance text
  • Performs required rebalancing and implements investment product choices
  • Includes Monte Carlo simulation and mean variance optimization


  • Determines the best portfolio, considering current allocations, asset mixes, financial goals and resources, and evaluated alternatives
  • Minimizes tax liability and creates tax-efficient portfolios by factoring taxable and tax-deferred investments
  • Reflects your vision for client management with customizable tools
  • Presents you with actionable data to optimize your value to clients
  • Combines with other WealthStation tools for a powerful integrated solution