The face of wealth management is changing, and operating successfully may necessitate new approaches to managing and growing your business. Incorporating portfolio management, securities processing, performance reporting and regulatory compliance, SunGard’s Charlotte trust and investment management system can help your firm effectively compete.

With Charlotte, you have the core technology and system connections you need to help extend your reach, make sense of the details and foster new connections. Charlotte's open design, functionality and user-friendly flexibility puts you in control of your data and gives you and your staff the tools to perform more effectively. 


  • Provides straight-through, end-to-end processing and integrated workflow processes
  • Offers automatic cash management, fee calculations and custom reporting packages
  • Displays real-time position and cash balances
  • Processes trades, settlements and corporate actions
  • Streamlines investment processes, securities processing routines and operations workflow
  • Integrates security custodial activity

Charlotte can also help your business stay linked to your clients with advanced reporting and communication tools. Furthermore, with redundancy, disaster recovery and business continuity provided through SunGard Availability Services, you can be confident your data is protected.

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What we offer

  • Custody Services

    SunGard's custody services provides significant benefits that extend the traditional role of the custodian. These services can help enable your staff to gain internal operating efficiencies and help enhance your competitive advantage to better serve your clients.

    Additionally, SunGard maintains strategic relationships with industry-recognized custody providers, giving you multiple options for safekeeping and clearing. This allows assigned administrators and your custodial group to provide each client with a tailored offering. The client receives personal, broad-based and expert service, and your organization gains the internal operating efficiencies, productivity and peace of mind that SunGard’s custody expertise can bring to the business. SunGard's custody services include:


    • Automates the interface between the trust and custody systems
    • Includes support from an account administrator who has strong domain expertise and understands all aspects of trust and securities processing and trust operating platforms
    • Offers assistance and expertise for monitoring trades, trade settlement, corporate actions, reconciliation, income processing and research


    • Extends the traditional role of the custodian
    • Increases internal operating efficiencies
    • Enhances your competitive advantage

  • Charlotte Customer Access

    Giving clients anytime access to their account information streamlines information sharing and demonstrates your commitment to providing added value. Within SunGard's Charlotte Customer Access solution, the Portfolio Account Link interface displays customer account summaries, transaction activity and investments. Each client may tailor its system views and statement delivery preferences, while you receive usage reports of their activity. 

    Charlotte Customer Access is installed and maintained by SunGard.


    • Provides a client interface tool for navigating account summary, investments and transaction activity
    • Allows the user to define customized views of investments
    • Archives statements for client retrieval
    • Delivers online statements with printable versions
    • Includes back-end system control for administration and management


    • Reduces security risk through password protection, two-factor authentication, a secured data access center and security administration
    • Helps enhance transparency through improved client access to account activity
    • Reduces time and expense by delivering statements electronically
    • Eliminates potential staffing and hosting resource concerns because SunGard installs and maintens the system

  • Charlotte Data Integration

    Reducing the manual processes in the trade life cycle saves time and increases accuracy. SunGard's Charlotte Data Integration solution provides a full suite of straight-through processing (STP) products that help facilitate electronic trading from initiation to trade settlement. Fast, reliable automation means that personnel intervention happens on an exception basis. All products in the suite are designed to communicate across systems.


    • Accepts trade entry from investment tools, automated interfaces or spreadsheets
    • Integrates with SunGard's Investor'sView solution for compliance activity and routes to the SunGard Global Network (SGN) for execution
    • Helps enable trade settlement at the custodian without intervention from the point of original trade entry
    • Communicates with wealth management, custodian, regulatory, compliance, and investment tracking and reporting tools


    • Reduces processing cycles through the enhanced automation of trade communications
    • Saves time by allowing multiple methods of trade entry
    • Improves accuracy and minimizes risk by automating routing and execution
    • Reduces the need for manual intervention, thereby lowering operating costs

  • Charlotte Front Office

    Giving investment and administrative staff real-time access to portfolio and transaction data helps them make informed client decisions. SunGard's Charlotte Front Office is a flexible client management solution that updates activity within portfolios and automatically delivers details to key constituencies. Customizable reporting tools, document management and forms capabilities help streamline administration. By improving data flow internally, Charlotte Front Office helps heighten your effectiveness and efficiency with your clients.


    • Provides real-time portfolio and transaction viewing, sorted by trade date or settlement date
    • Updates asset positions and transactions throughout the system in real time
    • Presents data in a single-screen management dashboard
    • Allows for the customization of reporting features based on recipient needs
    • Includes a component for forms design to accommodate specific business requirements


    • Helps enhance document management capabilities for streamlined routing, approving and posting
    • Optimizes the effectiveness of investment recommendations by providing a better picture of each client’s portfolio
    • Drives informed management decisions by presenting all client data in a single summary dashboard
    • Delivers customized reports to satisfy stakeholder needs

  • Charlotte Trust Accounting

    In trust accounting, a system that makes all constituencies aware of their positions and entitlements to income is essential to prudent management. SunGard's Charlotte Trust Accounting solution helps community banks and trust companies by tracking and managing cash and assets – from real estate and personal property to gold and commodities. Flexible and scalable, it grows with your organization to support the multitude of users who require access to the system. Its tax lot accounting functionality helps you and your clients predict the tax impact of asset sales.


    • Shows how trusts are performing through detailed management reporting tools
    • Includes tax lot accounting functionality
    • Tracks trading, settlement and custody
    • Features a fee calculation and reporting system
    • Processes income and corporate actions
    • Provides data for regulatory reports


    • Helps ensure that all parties are aware of and receive their entitlement of income
    • Shows total value and implications of changes and fees for the most effective management
    • Illustrates tax implications as managers and clients consider selling
    • Improves accuracy fand strengthens compliance
    • Keeps clients up-to-date with detailed statements
    • Integrates security custodial activities