Global Plus

SunGard's Global Plus solution delivers automation, straight-through processing (STP) and functionality to help you complete your day-to-day operational activities. Its advanced client/server architecture and scalable platform accelerates new product delivery and streamlines the integration of mergers and acquisitions into your existing operation. Its parameter-driven structure provides easier ways to handle investments, calculate fees and produce tailored statements across a full range of product lines, satisfying diverse client requirements.

Global Plus:

  • Offers a multi-currency accounting system, with each account selecting its own accounting base currency
  • Automates portfolio valuations and base currency equivalency computations for all activity, including trading and corporate actions processing
  • Contains flexible, integrated cash-management solutions
  • Caters to a wide array of investment types, including structured investments
  • Supports XML message-based architecture for real-time inbound processing and outbound information flow

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What we offer

  • Global Plus Customer Access

    Firms with international holdings are among the most savvy of your clients. SunGard's Global Plus Customer Access solution gives them – and their investment, tax or legal advisors – a complete view of their holdings, cash balances and recent transactions in local and base currency.


    • Presents information in the base currency chosen by the client and advisors
    • Grants current access to asset balances and cash balances
    • Includes recent transactions, including trades


    • Eliminates the wait for statements and updates to portfolios
    • Allows for self-service when clients have questions
    • Reduces the need to call account administrator, saving you and your clients time

  • Global Plus Global Office

    SunGard's Global Plus Global Office, a front- and middle-office account management system, allows your employees to access specific and complete client and account information via an intuitive interface. A single-view dashboard consolidates real-time information with support systems, such as relationship management, asset management and rules-based alert systems.


    • Provides self-explanatory menu options for easy navigation through the system
    • Initiates commonly used client maintenance and cash and trading transactions with streamlined forms
    • Monitors work lists for transactions subject to workflow and processes approved transaction in real time
    • Retrieves documents through imaging solutions
    • Generates and delivers consolidated holdings by user controlled account groups


    • Minimizes training, reducing significant time and expense
    • Grants instant access to information to improve efficiency
    • Frees up time spent digging for data to devote to administering accounts instead
    • Improves accuracy in workflow

  • Global Plus International Securities Processing

    While most systems offer only a U.S. dollar base, Global Plus Portfolio Accounting allows you to select your preferred base currency for multicurrency and trust and portfolio accounting. Ideal for clients investing internationally and for institutions with a multi-national client base, the Global Plus system helps facilitate information sharing and reporting.


    • Automatically calculates and validates principal and net amounts of purchase and sale transactions
    • Maintains treaty and withholding at source rates for each type of income and tracks reclamation
    • Supports global corporate action processing
    • Lets users select processing functionality with parameterized system
    • Includes essential calculators for asset accounting
    • Features real-time in-bound and out-bound message-based processing using XML and SWIFT
    • Supports client-specific standing instructions for automated foreign exchange of currency flows


    • Accounts for diversified portfolios, capitalizing on emerging markets by facilitating international investment processing
    • Improves the accuracy of portfolio views with real-time displays of holdings in global marketplace
    • Reduces the traditional gaps in information reporting with trade date processing
    • Provides flexible communication with counterparties, including SWIFT protocols
    • Keeps users informed with robust, real-time processing

  • Global Plus Multi-Currencies

    In SunGard's Global Plus multicurrency accounting system, each account identifies its own selected base currency. Unlike systems that force transactions through a single currency, Global Plus processes each update using the actual currency characteristics of each transaction. Integrated multi-currency processing and accrual accounting support global investments and operations with an international client base. 

    In a global environment where delays and data corrections can be the norm, Global Plus provides corrective and retroactive processing capabilities for accurate asset accounting in both local and base currencies.


    • Allows users to select each account’s preferred base currency
    • Handles principal and income segregation
    • Processes transactions in local and base currencies with integrated multicurrency and accrual accounting
    • Bifurcates and reports capital and currency gain and loss information
    • Consolidates all assets, regardless of currency, into one statement
    • Offers as of reporting and retroactive processing
    • Leverages specified valuation methods and exchange rates for all transactions
    • Delivers trade date accounting with the option to report on trade or settlement date basis


    • Clearly communicates all assets and liabilities in terms local and base currency 
    • Tailors the system to user preferences, including currency, to optimize value of information